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capturing the present before it's history


Future History Films is an award-winning documentary film company specialized in environmental, economic and social issues. We make indie films and also help others to share their vision through film. The more impactful for the world, the better. We are versatile and work with experts globally with local input and collaboration. We also incorporate original, award winning sound tracks to help drive the message.

What we do?

- Create balanced documentaries

- Raise social awareness via film

- Help countries tell their stories

- Raise awareness on urgent issues

- Work in many languages globally


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LAURELS - Transparent.png
  • Best Music - LIIFE - Modern Nature.

  • Best Documentary - LA Film & Script Festival - Modern Nature.

  • Best Directing - St. Tropez International Film Festival.

  • Cannes Festival, Short Film Corner selection - Creative Soul, Modern Nature.

  • Humanitarian Awards, BestShorts - Vertical City, Sprayed.

  • Screenings at EDOC, FAM, Planeta Doc, AREDAY Aspen, Americas Competitiveness Forum, Delhi Shorts, Global Film Awards, Princeton University and many more venues.


Sir George Martin
Ron Finley
Didi Pei

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HFF Jury Prize Honors


So many countries have histories to tell, innovators have visions where video can help them get the support they need to bring their ideas to life. Film is an optimal way to bring ideas and global challenges to light. We work closely with countries leaders and innovators to ensure that their vision comes shining through in each film. We aim to educate and to shatter preconceived ideas. We try to provide a platform to ask questions and raise consciousness. Our goal is to capture the present before it's history.

Craig Daniel Leon



Craig Leon, creative director and founder, has worked in corporate research and investor communications with Institutional Investor for 24 years. A summa cum laude Economist from Princeton, with an MBA from Harvard Business School, Craig serves as Alumni Schools Chair for Princeton. He studied film at the University of San Francisco in Quito. He believes documentary should allow viewers to think for themselves by hearing a diversity of thoughts. No voiceovers; instead, the visionaries become the narrators. Craig's award-winning works are eclectic, from political strategy and economic development to mile-high cities and feeding the world. He maximizes involvement of local crews and experts..

Alexander Leon



Alexander Leon, is an award-winning composer and pianist, graduate of the Eastman School of Music in New York His orchestral, choral and instrumental pieces have been performed in  the U.S., Latin America, Europe and Australia.  His album Lotus Preludes won 3 global music awards and  His soundtrack for the documentary Modern Nature  won Best Original Score from New York’s Long Island International Film Expo and other festivals worldwide. Alexander incorporates orchestral music with local sounds to help drive the story of the film, all scored to time codes to maximize the impact of each film.  Visit:

Global Edit and



Future History Films takes advantage of the latest technologies and global talent, collaborating with the most gifted and award-winning film editors, sound editors, colonists and post-production experts from around the world. Collaborations have included RUMUR (New York), Kino-I Pictures in (Singapore/Malaysia) and Media View (Brazil). We use both Premiere and FCPX, and work with graphics and special effects teams customized for each film project.

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